Golf Cart Registration

Golf Cart Registration

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The Town of Wendell is committed to ensuring transportation alternatives that allow for safe travel along local roadways.  Such alternatives are designed to provide opportunities for residents to travel to local businesses, recreational events, or residences in a fun, environmentally friendly way.  In order to fulfill this commitment, the Town of Wendell Board of Commissioners ordained that Chapter 24 of the Wendell Code of Ordinances be amended to provide clear definition and guidance to ensure the safe operation of golf carts within the town.

Low Speed Vehicles, as defined under North Carolina General Statute 20-4.01, and as equipped and regulated under North Carolina General Statute 20-121.1, are not subject to this ordinance.  Instead they are registered and licensed by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Golf Carts that do not meet the Low Speed Vehicle requirements shall be registered with the Town of Wendell prior to their operation on local streets.  

Golf carts are required to:

  • Meet the size and shape that conforms to the industry standard for golf carts,
  • Have rear view mirrors,
  • Have Operating headlight(s) and taillight(s),
  • Be no taller than 22 inches in height from the road to bottom of carriage,
  • Be operated by only non-provision licensed drivers,
  • Be registered with and inspected by Wendell Police Department, and,
  • Have the registration renewed annually as well as undergo an annual inspection.
Payment can be made online or in person at the Town Hall. Once payment is made contact the Wendell Police Department at 919-365-4444 between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday and ask to speak with Sergeant Landon Hare to schedule the inspection.